I was born in 1986, I graduated in Electrical Engineering, but soon realized that this was not what filled me. After working for 2 years as an Electrical and Technical Engineer in the Metropolitan of Lisbon, and due to my passion for communication, I embraced the career of Hard Skills and Soft Skills Trainer in 2011, at the time most of the training I gave to Vodafone.

In 2016, and because I always had my own ideas, I decided to open with a few more college colleagues, my own Training company, OutSteam. Where I continue to this day to play the role of Leader and Entrepreneur that is in my blood.

Amateur astronomer since the age of 10 and hiker since 1 year old, I’ve been involved in some adventures:

  • 2 times Way of Fatima (70km);
  • 2 times Ruta del Camino del Hierro (45km);
  • Many trails in Portugal;
  • Many Geocaches (since 2008);
  • Camino de Santiago – Portugués da Costa (174km) Caminha;
  • Camino de Santiago – Francés (779km) SJPDP;
  • Camino de Santiago – Portugués da Costa (191km) Viana do Castelo.


This last adventure is what brings me to this new project. I intend to share with you everything I learned in dealing with and training thousands of professionals from different markets adding all the benefits that the path can bring us either as leaders or elements of a team.

I look forward to meeting you!

Curiosities / Nuno Lourenço

I have many, from Geocaching to Astronomy. My latest is video editing and drones 🙂 So much so that I created a YouTube channel to share experiences and help other pilgrims. You can access
I don’t really like to eat... I have a cousin who does! And he tells me about very good foods, such as: Tripas à moda do Porto, Dobrada, Mão de Vaca com Grão, Cabrito Estonado, Chanfana, Feijoada de Lingueirão, Cozido à Portuguesa... In short... 😛
In the mental suitcase of a pilgrim can not miss openness to others and resilience. Remember that in everyday life your exterior changes every day, but your interior remains the same. On the way is the reverse, your exterior does not change (unless you take 20 changes of clothes) and your interior changes every hour. Allow this change. In the physical suitcase of a pilgrim can not miss, without a doubt, Compeed!
Football 🙂 Proudly Benfiquista!
Whenever you think you’ve got a good idea, sit down and wait for it to pass...
Music - I’m gonna be (500 miles)
Film - Man from Earth
Book - Stranger in a strange land - Robert A. Heinlein

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