Program #RENASCE / ``What is worth in life, is not the starting point but the walk``

The renasce program is not just about any adventure. Reborn implies both physical and mental preparation and a will to be born again, to renew everything we took for granted. To embark on this journey is to realize that like any other birth, it hurts when we breathe for the first time. It’s knowing that giving up is always the easiest way, but at that very moment you must remember that you are much more. Not only for you but also because you don’t walk alone. Like any other paths that you follow as a leader, you are never alone, you have your team walking with you. Sharing the same goals, different points of view and working as a group. It’s this team that gives you the confidence to move forward, to keep going. Not forgetting the steps you took to get here, but knowing that there is still a long way to go. The idea and confidence that you’re closer to reach your goals, can’t cloud your vision. Unexpected situations can happen, someone gave up and it didn’t go as planned. It’s at this moment that you overcome yourself, carrying all the weight of your backpack, but also the good memories, images and all the moments that are now part of you. But everything has an end, and so does this journey. It’s on the last day that you feel the most pressure over your shoulders, but it’s not a physical pain. For seven days, they carried an experience that will truly never end, because remember you were reborn.

The Renasce program was built, designed and certified by OutSteam. The OutSteam is a professional training company certified by DGERT with more than 6 years of experience in differentiated and differentiating markets.

PDF #RENASCE as a Leader

SKILLS that you will work / ``Every Skill you develop doubles your chance of success!``

A good leader ``needs to get off the island to see the island``, needs to know the history of the island, its origin and its fundamentals, but more importantly, needs to know how to maintain it. And for that you need to think long term, you need to plan, develop projects, prevent risks, evaluate solutions, and set goals. And the truth is that these goals only come true if people feel that the island can become an archipelago, and that there will always be a place for them.
A leader looks at results as mere results. A humanized leader recognizes the work behind those results. Humanized leadership is based on the premise that we are all people, and that consequently we are all different. and it is in these differences that the wealth of a company lies. A humanized leader looks at these differences as solutions, as opportunities and above all as an asset. Believe, trust, follow and set an example.
Since we started walking we are taught that when we fall, we have to get up, and get up. We are born resilient, but for some reason we come to a time in our lives when we think that we can not leave the same place, that we can not change and take people around us to find the same. A leader without resilience is a stressed leader, a stressed leader generates stress in his team, and a stressed team? It is a team without results.
In life we usually have a clear perception of time when something happens to us... On the Way this perception is amplified and we become aware of the balance that must exist between planning and living in the moment. On the way you realize that it will end, you realize that those moments you are living with those people will hardly be repeated... and you want to live in the moment, no matter how planned you are!
The goal of the #Renasce Program is to have participants who do not know each other. They will experience one of the most beautiful experiences of the Way: ``Humanization! ``. At first the conversations will go around time and futile things, but over the days these conversations no longer fit. The bonds that are created will remain for life! And those people become your reality and your family. For with them: you shared, suffered, wept and celebrated!
As much as you try to plan everything, ``Stones`` will always appear on the path you didn’t count on! I am the perfect example of this, I planned everything, I trained 400kms with my sneakers... To the second day of the Camino: Blisters! Here comes demotivation, sadness... and also resilience! You begin to know how to accept these ``stones`` and come back stronger! You begin to celebrate small victories and enjoy them! The attitude of the first day is diametrically opposed to that of the last... Believe me!

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